Cases Flytoget: Transport giant chooses GoAppified

GoAppified builds digital travel card

Flytoget is a state-owned Norwegian company operating express trains from Oslo airport, Gardemoen, to Oslo city. Each year, Flytoget transports more than 6.6 million passengers. These passengers have now become digital thanks to the cooperation with GoAppified.

The Flytoget express train runs from Drammen to Gardemoen, OsloPhoto: Flytoget AS

GoAppified's CEO, Søren Jensen, hopes that the presentation in Oslo can open the eyes of the decision makers for alternatives to the Danish "Rejsekort". He suggests to exploit the technological opportunities to speed up the development.

While the Danes are queuing by the travel card stands to be able to check in and out with the psychical travel card, the Danish company GoAppified has been chosen by Flytoget as the supplier of a smart beacon infrastructure with integration to any mobile payment provider wishing to support the digital travel card on the passenger's mobile phone. In this way, Flytoget and its passengers become digital.

"The Danish "Rejsekort" was forecasted to revolutionize the transport payment in Denmark, but it has been filled with problems, price-raising delays and function failures from the beginning. The passengers waste their time in front of the ticket machines and travel card stands. We can on the user's premises offer a complete digital solution, which is cheap in acquisition and maintenance and a lot easier to use” Søren Jensen
CEO, GoAppified

With this investment, Flytoget wishes to take up the competition with Uber among others and offer its customers a digital user experience, removing the hassle of buying tickets in the psychical world. Flytoget also enters the digital era and transforms itself from being a company focusing on train operation to a company with a strategy to move passengers with the best possible digital user experience.

"We wish to be the passenger's preferred choice of transporter by offering our customers the technology with the best possible travel experience between the airport and the city centre" Bjørn Hole
Head of Innovation and IT Architecture, Flytoget

The infrastructure that GoAppified is building for Flytoget will be installed in all train sets to be in contact with the passenger's mobile phone and chosen payment app. This will make it possible for Flytoget to follow the passenger in real-time and use the passenger's data and psychical presence in the zones that the travel is taking place. This travel data is collected in a cloud database, and this database calculates the actual ticket price that the passenger carries through by the use of an algorithm in the beacon repository developed by GoAppified.

All rates and travel prices are thereby gathered from Flytoget's own ticket system so that the traveler does not have to do anything but board the train with one's mobile phone with Bluetooth enabled and check in with the payment app supported by Flytoget.

Generic payment apps become the digital travel card

Generic payment apps will complement the use of payment cards and purchase of tickets in the psychical world from machines and make it easier for the traveler to check in and out of Flytoget via the mobile phone with one's bare presence.

As in the psychical world, Flytoget does not wish to compete with the already-established payment providers, but has the same strategy as GoAppified about the use of Open Source and open APIs. By offering a SDK (Software Development Kit) developed by GoAppified to the payment providers wanting to give their users access to pay for their travel with their preferred payment app, payment providers such as the Norwegian Vipps, Danish MobilePay or Facebook become our future payment platform in Next Generation Payment Infrastructure and hereby become the passenger's digital travel card, which is not developed or maintained by Flytoget.

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