We are proud of our partners

Without great partners, we are not able to grow. We see our partners as the backbone of GoAppified.

We are the sole supplier of Danske Bank’s newest payment solution MobilePay PoS (Point of Sale). The solution has been developed in close collaboration between Danske Bank, Netclearance Systems and GoAppified. We are pleased to be a part of this successful innovation.
Our partnership with Netclearance Systems is a unique and powerful cooperation. When matching our services and products, we become a very strong team. GoAppified has the full rights of selling and distributing Netclearance Systems payment products in the Nordic region.
We have formed a strong partnership with the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure, Atea. Atea acts as a competent reseller of all of our products and services.
We are very proud of our partnership with Bentax. The company is based in Northern Jutland and specializes in various vending solutions including coffee. They also exercise the best service for all solutions in this area while covering all of Denmark.

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