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Go!Vend is a mobile payment and user app designed to replace cash and credit card payment, communicating with an installed box in your vending machine or self-service kiosks. This solution saves the customers for any trouble, if they are out of cash or have no credit card with them.

The transition to the cashless society will drive new business models where intelligent apps with built-in payment systems are expected to drive up to 15 percent of overall retail sales in 2017. 80 percent of all entries to the Internet will then come from mobile devices, which makes it relevant to talk about a mobile Internet revolution that will impact consumer behavior especially in relation to retail trade and impulse buying.

With the built-in payment gateway, all known credit cards and mobile payment types can be used making your vending machine available for all payment types. Purchase data is stored safely in a payment gateway that is PCI certified and hereby approved by the authorities.
Go!Vend is based on the standards agreed for communication in vending machines. You only have to install a small communication box that is connected to the Internet, which allows communications with the Go!Vend App.
We have teamed up with Bentax and this partnership gives you great access to your brand new vending machine or even get your old one updated with the Go!Vend technology.



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