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Smart Beacons are the future of interaction

Smart Beacons can help bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world. In this sense, they can help optimizing currently manual processes and thereby save resources for the company or institution.

Smart Beacons (Powered by Netclearance Systems) are the first Proximity computers of the industry containing 1 Ghz processor, embedded Linux, integrated WiFi (802.11), BLE radio technology and GSM module. Smart Beacons can act as dual-transmitters, which means that they can send and receive data from smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth LE and WiFi.

Smart Beacons can be configured to send a WiFi or Bluetooth LE signal for a desired range (down to 5 - 10 cm).This signal can trigger any event in the App on the mobile client, regardless of the operating system on the user's smartphone.

The user will not have to "pair" the Bluetooth Device or connect to the Wi-Fi as it happens automatically when the user is within the desired range of the Beacon, as long as those services are available and turned on, on the SmartPhone.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (BLE) and WiFi
  • Signal strenght: 5 centimeter to 30 meters
  • Beacon to Beacon solution available
The solution can be used in numerous scenarios. Below Are listed a few of our own use cases:

  • PoS contactless mobile Payment
  • Indoor navigation
  • Traffic analyzing and reporting
  • Automatic check-in
  • Item tracking
  • Time registration
  • Retail In-store marketing
  • Tracking queue time
  • Access systems
  • Ticket systems
  • Self-service automation

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